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As the longest contributing Bitcoin Core developer, I've been working on Bitcoin since the start of 2011, primarily involving ongoing development, but also including research (of possible future improvements), community education, handling security issues, etc.

This Patreon page is somewhat new. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Note that you do not need to choose a fixed tier amount. After selecting a tier, Patreon lets you enter your monthly contribution. The tier amounts are just defaults.

(If you wish to sponsor me half or full time, please contact me privately. Arrangements can include things like participation in your company's meetings, if desired.)

Also note that I acknowledge Patreon is less than ideal for Bitcoin development, since it works in fiat and charges a 10+% fee. At some point, when a Bitcoin-based equivalent exists, I hope to switch to that. In the meantime, if you wish to exclusively contribute via Bitcoin, feel free to contact me privately for a Bitcoin address.

I also remain available for consulting or contract work on other projects as well. This Patreon page is specifically for funding my work on Bitcoin, however, so please contact me directly if you wish to have me do work on your own projects.


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